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Similar to Parmesan, but with a sharper, saltier bite. Romano adds a pleasantly tangy flavor to your favorite dishes.

Stella® Black Pepper Romano Half Wheel & Wedge

Stella® Black Pepper Romano cloaks the traditionally sharp and salty flavors of Romano cheese with a veil of cracked black peppercorns. It is then carefully aged for a minimum of five months, allowing the flavors to seamlessly meld together. The result? A pleasantly piquant hard cheese that shines when sprinkled atop pasta, salads and more. Grate Stella® Black Pepper Romano and mix with olive oil and hot pepper flakes as a tangy, slightly spicy spread for toasted bread. It can also be grated and mixed into mashed potatoes for a robust infusion of flavor that pairs nicely with full-flavored red wines.

Available in: 10 lb. half wheels, 8 oz. wedges

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Stella® Romano Cheese Deli Cup

Heighten the flavor of Chicken Cacciatore by adding shredded Stella® Romano cheese to the sauce. Top French fries with shredded Romano and broil briefly to melt for a distinct flavor. You can also substitute grated Stella® Romano cheese for salt in vinaigrette dressing.

Available in: Freshly Grated 5 oz., Freshly Shredded 5 oz., Dried Grated 5 oz.

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Stella® Romano Cheese Wedge

Usage of a Romano wedge is much like Parmesan with a sharper, saltier bite to it. Shred Romano on salads for a savory bite.

Available in: 5 oz., 8 oz.

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Did You Know?

Cheese lovers have snacked on Romano for about 2,000 years. Legend has it that a shepherd in ancient Rome filled his flask with milk. The milk was jostled along his journey and at the end, he discovered coagulation (the separation of milk into solids) by accident! Good thing some accidents are so tasty.

Pairing Suggestions

Toss with fresh tomatoes, chopped basil and olive oil as a topping for grilled or toasted bread. Wonderful with a rich ruby red beer.
Sprinkle over steamed vegetables or toss into pasta with olive oil and sautéed garlic. Best with: Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel.
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