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Italian Sharp

Creamy cheese with a delicately sharp, full flavor. Add Italian flavor to a wide variety of savory sandwiches and snacks.

Stella® Italian Sharp Cheese Wedge

Italian Sharp is a descendant of Fontina. This creamy cheese has a delicately sharp, full flavor. Easy Usage Ideas: shred over pasta, chili or soups; melt over focaccia or pizza; grate over salads; cube onto antipasto tray; or slice and serve with almonds and peach slices.

Available in: 8 oz.

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Did You Know?

The term "sharp" is used to describe the flavor of a cheese when it's biting, not overly sour. This quality comes when aged cheeses are fully developed. Italian Sharp needs to be aged for at least 60 days to be ready for tasting.

Pairing Suggestions

Fold into an omelet with fresh chives and diced avocado or top a pizza with the cheese and thin bell pepper rings. Goes well with a light wheat micro beer.
Roast asparagus spears in rosemary olive oil and top with the shredded cheese. Best with: Merlot or Burgundy.
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